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Client Testimonials


I absolutely love working with people to create something personal and unique just for them.  Whether it's a family portrat, company logos, or promotional flyers, it's always a pleasure and an honor. Here you will find some reviews from people I've worked with on various projects!

Where else can you see my work? 


Bob's Burgers


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Other Notable Clients

Daron Nefcy, Animator

Michael Dougherty, director

John Mulany, Comedian

Luke Fontana, Photographer

Dancing with the Stars

Want to work together on a project?

"My podcast partner and I had a logo we liked that a fan crudely drew up for us. As we were starting to try to take our podcast to a professional level, we wanted something more refined looking, without changing too much of the original design. Kristy, with Pen to Paper,  was able to take our logo to the next level in no time! The design is cleaner, more colorful, and fits our aesthetic/branding to a T! She also now creates little podcast paper people of us and of our themes for each month! Each paper design is unique, eye-catching, and keeps our audience engaged! We absolutely love working with Kristy."

Wines & Dolls Podcast


"I'm so in love with this artwork for my rescue pup Luna and how Kristy brought in elements of her namesake from Harry Potter. She managed to capture my dog perfectly, from the fluffiness of her fur to the liveliness in her eyes. I have this framed picture sitting in my office, and it makes me happy every time I look at it. Thanks, Kristy, for this one-of-a-kind keepsake!"

Julie E, Custom Pet Portrait 

I love my marketing pieces from Kristy- they have a consistent style to help establish my brand but each one is unique and highly creative ! She takes the germ of an idea from me and fleshes it out into a cohesive piece, with such flair for color and fonts. She is very collaborative, tweaking and editing after my feedback so I end up with exactly what I wanted but couldn’t visualize! She is a genius!"

Kate F, Keller Williams Realtor

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