Get to Know Me

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I attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (Go Big Red) where I graduated with degrees in Education, English Literature, and Spanish


For the next 12 years, I was a teacher.  I taught Spanish, English, and American History. During this time, I had the pleasure of teaching some of the best kids alongside some of the most inspiring professionals.


While I was a teacher, my personal life also evolved.  I moved to Texas, got married, got a couple kitties and had a son.  In my free time, I dabbled with art here and there, but never really seriously.  Overall, things were pretty great...

2020 made things crazy.  My husband and I made the decision to move out of the south and back to the midwest.  That meant leaving the classroom which progressed into an existential crisis (an obvious progression. If I'm not a teacher, what am I supposed to do now?

Major Changes

So that brings us to today!  I'm excited and terrified to be tackling this art thing full time. I love to make cute nerdy things - I hope someday I can make something for you!

Full-Time Artist