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Art has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was five and I fingerprinted my first self portrait my childhood was perpetually speckled with spouts of imagination.  Prior to becoming a full time artist, I was a honor student in high school, an English Major in college, and a middle school history teacher for 10 years.  My life was full, but not complete.


But today, my life is different.  Today, I don't make lesson plans, grade papers, or recreationally read Shakespeare. Today, I am an artist who specializes in capturing the likeness of a person with the use of paper, resulting in (what has been described as) a cute, charming, and mostly accurate portrait.  I collaborate with companies and clients to design pieces that visually convey a message they wish to communicate to the world.  I connect with other artists, gaining growing and learning along the way.  I create passionate and personalized pieces for people I may never meet but will always know. My style is minimal, and the process can be long, but the joy is genuine in every picture I make.

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What my customers are saying...

I commissioned Kristy to make a piece for my best friends wedding last year and it turned out AMAZING! Having Kristy make something so special and unique for my best friend truly made an impact. It is also important to point out that it was a gay couple and it was her very first time making a piece for a gay couple. She was very affirming and excited to make the piece and told me how much she loves and cares for the LGBTQ+ community. Which is very important. Not only is Kristy an amazing artist but a great ally. I will most definitely be coming back to her throughout my years for something original and special each and every time. Because that is what she creates. You can’t get anything like it anywhere else. 

Maxwell Poth, Custom Portrait, 2022

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